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Lemosho Western Breach

9 days - with Crater Camp

This 9-day option gives hikers a little extra time to acclimatize and therefore a higher chance of reaching the summit.

Cost: $3075 per person

*Additional (per group) fee of $600 for groups of 1-2

Day 1: Arusha - Londorossi Gate - Forest Camp (9,281 ft/2829 m)

Drive from hotel in Arusha to Londorossi Gate (about 3 hours). Here we will check in and weigh all of the bags carried by the porters. Then, we will drive to Lemosho trailhead to start the hike after lunch. Today's hike will bring us through the forest while enjoying the sounds of birds and the sight of monkeys. The hike takes about 3-4 hours to Forest Camp.


Day 2: Forest Camp - Shira 1 (11,499 ft/3505 m)

Depart from Forest Camp after breakfast. We will continue through the forest for a few hours, then we will reach the heather/moorland zone. A long hike of 6-7 hours today means that we will stop for a picnic lunch along the way. Today's hike will take us high and then into a plateau where we will sleep at Shira 1 Camp. If weather is clear, we may get our first views of the peak as we approach camp today.

Day 3: Shira 1 - Moir Hut (13,665 ft/4165 m)

As we depart Shira 1 Camp today, we will continue to hike through the Shira plateau, meaning the first half of our hike will be on flat ground. After a picnic lunch, the second half of our hike will include a gradual upward climb. We will see some unique high-altitude plants along the trail today. After hiking about 7 hours, we will arrive at Moir Hut Camp. If weather and energy permit, we may do a short, evening hike to practice "climb high, sleep low".

Day 4: Moir Hut - Lava Tower (15,213 ft/4637 m)

Today's hike will include many ups and downs through several ridges and will join the Machame route near Lava Tower. After 3-4 hours, we will stop for lunch at Lava Tower Camp. We will eat lunch at the camp and also stay here overnight. If the weather is nice, we may take an optional evening hike up Lava Tower itself to practice scrambling and acclimatize.


Day 5: Lava Tower

Today, we will wake up a little later as we will be staying at Lava Tower Camp again tonight. After breakfast, we will do an acclimatization hike up Lava Tower itself or in the surrounding area. This day will be spent resting and letting our bodies adjust to the altitude.

Day 6: Lava Tower - Arrow Glacier (15,981 ft/4871 m)

On this day, we will sleep in a little bit and have a later breakfast. Then, we will hike to Arrow Glacier Camp, where we will stay.  We will have lunch after arriving at camp and afterward you will be able to explore and enjoy the view, if the weather is clear. Today will be a short hike (2-3 hours) which will allow us to rest and acclimatize before the long day tackling the western breach tomorrow.


Day 7: Arrow Glacier - Crater Camp (18,802 ft/5731 m)

Today, we will wake up very early (around 4 am) in order to start our hike before the sun comes up to avoid rock falls. On the western breach, there will be many parts that require us to scramble and use our hands. Depending on our pace, we may have a picnic lunch along the way or eat lunch after arriving at camp. Tonight, we will sleep at Crater Camp.


Depending on your level of energy and the weather conditions, you may choose to explore the ash pit and glaciers.

Day 8: Crater Camp - Uhuru Peak (19,341 ft/5895 m) - Mweka Camp (10,066 ft/3068 m)

Summit Day! We will wake up and have breakfast at Crater Camp before starting our short ascent to the summit. It will take us about 2 hours to reach the summit. After celebrating and taking photographs at Uhuru Peak, we will descend to Barafu Camp (about 3 hours) where we will eat lunch. We will continue our long descent (4-5 hours) via the Mweka descent route to Mweka Camp where we will sleep tonight.


Day 9: Mweka Camp - Mweka Gate - Arusha

We will wake up in the morning for breakfast and a celebration of our summit success with our team. After our celebration, we will descend to Mweka Gate through the forest (3-4 hours). There we will have a final lunch together and you will receive a certificate for a successful summit. After lunch, we will get back into a vehicle and return you to your hotel in Arusha, where a hot shower will be waiting for you!

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